Clipart kills brands.

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You’ve heard of the phrase “Curiosity killed the cat,” well, same could be said for anyone that thinks clip art is a tool to build their brand. It’s tough to admit, but back in my younger days as a designer, I used clip art in my designs. Don’t get me wrong, there is a time and place to use it, but I quickly learned where you should never use it and that’s with brand development. If you’re putting together a cheap postcard or flyer for a local event, go ahead and use clip...

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Building Your Brand During A Recession

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Times are tough right now and it’s a normal reaction for businesses to initiate cutbacks during these trying times. Heck, I’ve cut back on drinking less milk and juice and drink more water from the tap, sold my gas guzzling truck to buy a more fuel efficient car and started a garden to grow my own vegetables. If you look at what I just said you’ll notice I made cutbacks on certain things like what I drink, what I drive and how I get my food, but what I haven’t done is give up on them entirely. I still...

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