Hudson Insurance WebsiteHudson Insurance Agency owner, Al “Duke” Duchnowski, has got to be one of the most outgoing clients I’ve ever worked with and with plenty of reasons to be. The first four reasons for his success are the employees who work for him – Amber, Jayne, Lisa and Nicole. Seriously, their smiles alone will actually convince you to purchase an insurance plan from them.

While everything was looking good for Hudson Insurance, there was still something lacking in their business – their website. Jayne called us and the said that they were really interested in a new website design. We took the time to sit down with them and go over their current website at the time, evaluate what needed to change, be removed or stay the same. Almost immediately we realized that the website had little or no coding to improve the site’s visibility within the search engines. Search engine optimization was going to greatly improve their search engine ranking allowing more potential customers to find them on the world wide web.

Next we analyzed the flow of information, the balance of the website’s composition (how information was equally distributed throughout the site), the overall website design and navigation. In short, we wanted to improve all of these areas as well as add to the Website in order to provide online customers with a pleasing experience that would eventually convert to a lasting client/customer relationship. Did I mention that we aggressively sought out better imagery for the site? Folks, regardless of what the economy is doing, a picture is still worth a thousand words. Make sure your site’s imagery reflects the quality of the product or service your advertising – and this rule applies to more than just websites.

2010 Relay For Life of Hudson
Jayne and Amber taking a break to pose during the 2010 Annual Relay For Life Event

Hudson Insurance is a company that actively participates in community events – everything from child seat inspections to sponsoring and participating in the Relay For Life of Hudson event. Jayne mentioned she would like to add a calendar to the website to announce community events and we agreed. Though it may not always directly lead to sales, it does reinforce the notion that they are what they say they are – a company of people for the people.


For the design and layout of the website, we wanted to soften the edges and break down the compartmentalization illustrated with the old site. With website design, we like to look at the personality of the company and from what’s been mentioned earlier it’s not difficult to understand that the client, indeed, comes first and the best place to really bring out this personality is in the “About Us” section. It’s here where you give the viewer a “behind-the-scenes” look at the company. Be sure to take some time and read all of their bios.

In conclusion, more relevant information was added to the website, the design and navigation was greatly improved and since the website was built on the search-engine friendly WordPress platform they’re able to edit content whenever they need to. Hudson Insurance Agency is great company with great people driving its success and we were just glad to be a contributor to their success.

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