Boneyard Case StudyBoneyard Outfitters, Southern Illinois outfitter and guide service for whitetail hunting and turkey hunting, came to us for help in re-establishing their identity and with the passion we both share for the outdoors, there’s no way we’re going to say no. In quiet Benton, Illinois Ryan McCollum and his partner Jason Johns run an outfitter service that is second to none. A few of us from RRM hunted with them just last year and I can tell you I seen more big deer down there then I have seen in long time. Some real Booners, too!

Ryan and Jason had found us online and asked us to help them juice up the look of their Website, business cards and create a brochure that they could hand out at the various tradeshows they attend across the country. Our approach was to start with the basics, which was their business stationery – business cards & letterhead. Next we dove into designing and laying out the brochure. These were the foundation pieces that were going to be handed out at the various tradeshow events. While the brochure was nearing it’s completion with revisions, we began developing an outline of how we were going to structure the Website.

Throughout the development of these different projects, one thing remained the focus of the design. Their two primary services offered are guided hunts for Whitetail Deer and Eastern Turkey. So when we laid the brochure out we thought a unique approach would be to clearly separate the two services through the use of 1.) dedicated color palettes and, 2.) taking advantage of client photos and other various deer and turkey images.

The Boneyard Outfitters

As with hunting, we typically think of that rugged woodsman who can skin a mountain lion with his teeth, but that’s no longer the case. Hunting has made breakthroughs with various genders and age groups now that hunting videos have hit the stage. Today men, women and young adults alike have taken to the great outdoors hunting challenge and from a marketing standpoint we have to make sure we’re sensitive to each demographic.

The Boneyard brand is rugged, durable and long-lasting – something that fits with what Ryan and Jason are working to accomplish.

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