IKE-CON Fishing LuresThe fishing industry is competitive to say the least and establishing a place in the national market is next to impossible, except for IKE-CON Fishing Tackle. When I first spoke with IKE-CON owner Mike Foytik, I learned that his line of pre-rigged softbait lures were already a hot commodity with fishing guides located all over the United States and Canada. The selection of lure colors is amazing and covers a wide range of fish species – everything from from panfish to walleye. Mike came to us with one goal in mind, improve his product catalog.

You see, Mike knows the importance of product presentation – if he didn’t his lures wouldn’t catch fish. However, in the case of working with Rush River Media, he wanted to go after bigger fish – Cabelas, Bass Pro Shops and more. In any case where your presenting your product to big box retail stores you have to be on the mark … “speak their language” if you will. IKE-CON puts out an annual catalog showing their current lineup of lures and looking at what they’ve done in the past, it was clear that their catalog needed to be kicked up a notch or two in the creative department.

The old catalog was very compartmentalized with very little visual appeal. This presents a mental block for the merchandisers when they’re trying to envision your product on their store shelves. We really wanted this catalog to wreak of fishing, because there’s more to a product catalog than just slapping product shots and copy down on a blank page. Page by page, product by product we broke down each product by the species it was designed to catch. With that we were able to secure images that reinforced that concept. Immediately buyers could look at a page and know whether a lure was meant for walleye, bass, northern pike, panfish or trout.

IKE-CON Catalog

Their old catalog is now a vision of the past and for Mike, well, there’s no looking back. His products are now being sold in major stores all over the country. We proud to be apart of IKE-CON’s success as any agency would, but this project was extra special to us since Mike promised us all an IKE-CON gift basket for Christmas if the catalog became a success. We can’t wait for that gift basket to arrive – we heard the Brownies are really biting on the Rush River.

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