Welcome to Rush River Media.

Rush River Media is a creative design agency located near Beldenville, Wisconsin. We’re a small company – one employee just to be clear, but where we lack in size we make up for it in quality, efficiency and affordability.

Who We Are. We’re a fast flowing river reinventing itself with every passing season. The Rush River winds through some of the most picturesque countryside that the Midwest has to offer. It’s the Rush River’s natural appeal and everchanging flow that really personifies our company. I guess you could say that creative ideas just happen to flow naturally here. We’re a company that can see the big picture yet stop short of overstepping the smaller, yet still very important details that help shape our client’s brands.

About the Owner. Owner of Rush River Media, Kanon Kulpa, settled down in northwest Wisconsin just a few years ago along with his wife, two children and his loyal labrador retriever. Kanon started his professional graphic design career in 1996 just after earning his Associates Degree in Advertising Design. Today, Kanon still continues to reinvent his technique and abilities so that he’ll continue to flourish as a designer.

Kanon is an avid outdoorsmen that’s hooked on hunting, fishing, boating and camping. He’s even been known to jump out of an airplane a time or two. It’s no mystery that his love for the outdoors would eventually lead him to finding the Rush River. Long story short, he was on a hunting trip when he met his wife Kathy up in Hurley, Wisconsin – fun little town. She was an aspiring medical lab technician working at the hospital just outside of town when I first met her. Kathy was born and raised on a farm just outside of Ellsworth, Wisconsin – a farm with property along the Rush River. It was inevitable that after a couple years of dating, Kanon and Kathy would marry and then eventually move back to her hometown.

“It’s a beautiful place to raise a family … and hunt, and fish, and … ,” says Kanon. “We’re only a half hour to 45 minutes away from the Twin Cities, yet we live in area where more geese fly overhead than planes.”

Kanon was especially captivated by the Rush River with its fast, ever-changing current, natural untouched beauty and the steep bluffs that channel its flow. After drawing many parallels between the Rush River and how he envisioned the development of his first creative design agency – Rush River Media was born.

“It’s important that we encourage a free and natural flow of creativity within the confines of any business, otherwise we’re doomed to a sea of sameness.”

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